General information

As always, the conference will be scientifically rich with the talks you will propose.

Submission of Symposia and posters:

Following our tradition, the meeting will consist of thematic symposia, rather than individual presentations and we would like to invite you to submit proposals for them. As in previous years, we aim to have symposia of ca. 60-90 minutes length, with 3-5 speakers from different countries. Ideally, the presentations should offer different perspectives of the topic and debates including diverging points of view are particularly valued.

We are now accepting symposia proposals.

We are also submitting abstracts for poster presentations.

Kindly send your proposal and/or posters to: and

Preparations for the 2024 meeting of the WFN SG ADCD have begun. Nara, the ancient capital, is a charming small city in southwestern Japan, an hour and a half by taxi or bus from the Osaka airport called Kansai International Airport and an hour from the Itami International Airport if you fly from Tokyo. We have reserved the Nara Kasugano International Forum conference center on the edge of the famous Nara Park with its free-roaming deer, National Art Museum, and temples. You can choose from a full range of hotels in Nara that are within 20 minutes’walk from the conference center (or half that time by taxi). We suggest you do so soon, as this season will be attractive for many visitors to Nara. As well, on one of the mid-days of the conference, we may arrange for a half-day bus tour of the surrounding area. If enough people are interested, we could arrange for an optional day-long tour of Kyoto for the day after the end of the conference. Please write Dr. Tanaka now if you think you might be interested for yourself and any accompanying guests:

If you will come to the conference with a companion, please let Dr. Tanaka know []. If there is sufficient interest, we will provide options for group excursions that companions can register for at reasonable cost.

【For speakers】

To the speakers/presenters: The HDMI terminal and D-sub terminal are available for the projector at the venue.

We strongly recommend that you bring your own laptop computer and connect it to the terminal of the projector.

Mac OS users are requested to bring your own laptop and a connection terminal.

Audio output from the personal computer is output by inserting the audio terminal installed on the podium into the headphone jack of your laptop computer.

The optimal slide aspect ratio for the venue screen is 16: 9. Projection is possible with an aspect ratio of 4: 3, but the size on the screen may be smaller.

Time table