Conference site

The Conference Site

The Nara Katsugano International Forum Conference Center is a lovely set of buildings right in the Nara Park.

We have its Annex all to ourselves for conference presentations, lunch, reception, etc. At the end of our half-day tour, we will get to see a famous buddha (Asura) in Kofukiji Temple in the Nara Park that most people do not get a chance to see. That park is directly across from the conference site; for a small fee one can buy healthy food to feed the ‘wild’ deer. Our site is less than a ten-minute walk to the Todaiji temple with its large buddha is and to the National Museum.

The Annex is about 100 meters from the main entrance. It includes our meeting room (with up to 135 seats), space for the coffee/tea breaks and picking up box lunches, a coatroom downstairs (or via ramp) where the handsome large room is for the reception is. In the main building is a Noh theater where we will have our Wednesday afternoon program.