Possible activities for accompanying companions that could be arranged for individuals or for the group. We discussed participating in a tea ceremony, visiting the shopping area just outside the train station, additional temples outside of Nara, riding around Nara in a human-powered rickshaw, walking through the old part of Nara, learning ikebana (flower arrangement), learning Japanese cooking, learning origami. Please write Dr. Tanaka with any other suggestions. Accompanying partners are welcome for the Noh performance and for the Reception

Activities for Attendees at Conference
-TUESDAY, March 24, First day of conference program, Reception with companions welcome
-WEDNESDAY, March 25, Noh theater performance at conference site, companions welcome
-THURSDAY, March 26, Morning conference, then half-day tour, end up in the park at the Kofukuji Temple where we will see the rarely-seen Buddha, companions welcome
FRIDAY, March 27, Final day of conference program
SATURDAY, March 28 Optional tour to Kyoto, with 10,000 yen per person.