Hotels in Nara

If you haven’t made reservations yet, you should make them soon. Our conference dates occur around cherry-blossom season so hotels will get booked up early. I (Loraine Obler) had a chance to visit one inexpensive hotel and one higher-end hotel, both of which Dr. Tanaka and I recommend.

Dr. Tanaka has reserved four twin rooms from March 23 to leave on March 27 at this inexpensive hotel. We visited room 206, a representative twin room, and found it modern, clean and pleasant like the hotel lobby. While there are no amenities in the rooms, one can pick up soap, toothbrushes, etc., free at the check-in desk.
The hotel rule is that you can cancel a reservation up to 1 day before, but, obviously, if you are sharing a room with someone else from the conference, you cannot just cancel on them!

※As of January 17, 2020
It became remainder two rooms from March 23 to leave on March 26 at this inexpensive hotel.

If you don't know who you want to share with, please email both Dr. Tanaka and me (Loraine) and we will see if we can find someone of the same gender to match you with (for rooming purposes.
One room $80; if shared, $40 per person.

There is an elevator inside the hotel,
If you write the hotel directly, ask for ACDC. The website link is

It is a 10-minute walk from the Kintetsu station, via a covered 'shopping' walkway that's mostly food (one ryokan, Japanese hotel; one McDonalds, some fresh fruits. Right on the border of the park, so a walk to the conference site is 1.2 km, so about 15 minutes.

From Kintetsu station, cross the main road to the red bus-stop (Bus Stop No.1). To get to Nara Park and conf. site, you can take route 77, the red bus, or Route 2 (City loop bus). The Bus 77 and the red bus go directly to the Forum; Bus 2 you get off at Todaiji temple and walk 200 meters. The red bus is 100 yen, the others perhaps 230 yen. You can pay on the bus in yen (not credit cards).

The Nara Hotel is at the high end, about $200US a night per person. It has an older wing with tall ceilings and handsome dark wood and a more modern one with lighter-wood and fire-places in the rooms. The hotel has two restaurants: one with Japanese food and another with Western food. One can walk the kilometer to the conference site or take a taxi. There is a shuttle between the hotel and the Nara train stations, and one can also arrange for a limousine to Kansai airport. We have no reservations made at this hotel, so you should make your own. The website link is

Additional Hotel (One bed for single use): Washington Hotel Plaza NARA
Please send the mail to us with your name,arrival and departure dates.